Thank you for looking around my site! Typically you will find me dancing with my sassy + goofy 4 year old daughter Elizabeth, she definitely keeps me on my toes. I love to pick on my super + absolutely amazing husband Dan, not sure how he tolerates me. I'm guilty for watching horrible reality TV (I can't help it lol) I'm also a sucker for documentary shows, my husband + I bond in this nerdy way. I get lost in books a lot, I cant help it I'm a sucker for romance novels or biographies. I refuse to match my socks, its my way of not adulting when I sit at home & edit your wonderful portraits. I used to work full time as a Medical Assistant, as much as I loved taking care of my patients, photography has always been my true calling. I love everything floral, rustic, vintage, & white. My husband likes to point out + make fun of my "grandma" taste, I clearly do not care lol 

I consider myself a NATURAL LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER with a splash of warm earthy colors. My style of photography is very bright & warm, I always try to stay true to my style whether it's on a bright sunny or cloudy day. I am extremely picky with my work, my husband says I am super hard on myself, but I aim to provide the best for my clients. I'm constantly educating myself with any new techniques + enjoy being creative. I promise I can make a brick wall in an alley look amazing in your photos ;) I love scouting for new locations in the strangest + most random places, it's how I find those hidden gems.  Hope we are able to create timeless memories together.

Hey There!

Hey guys! I'm Brenda, the awkward girl behind the lens ready to become your paparazzi lol I'm just kidding (sorta) I am ready to chase light + create timeless beautiful memories for you. 


I met my husband on TINDER! Gasp! Yes, I know lol Not going to lie, it felt like I was shopping for men. I was on Tinder for a total of maybe 2 days before we began talking + later met. It's been a fun + amazing life these past 5 years with him. Married + a 3 year old later, who would have imagine all it took was swiping to the right.


We have two fur babies.

I have a small + grumpy 9 year old Morkie (Yorkie/Maletese). Her name is Ginger Gizmo aka GIGI. Her birthday is on 4/20 lol She's not very fond of our daughter + tends to love her alone time.

My husband has a huge lap dog. His name is Payton + he's a 6 year old German Shepard Lab mix. He is a huge cuddle bug, has a huge amount of patience with small children + loves to destroy couches lol 


I'm a bit of a bookworm. Once I get hooked I cannot put the book down. I prefer actual paper books, but lately the Kindle app has been a dirty habit. I'm a sucker for romance books + absolutely love finding a series of the books because I can binge them all day after day. If you have any romance book recommendations PLEASE feel free to let me know ;)


I have dimples on my shoulders + can wiggle my ears. I recently decided to google the shoulder dimples + found out its a very rare congenital malformation. It's even more rare because I have it on both shoulders.  As for me being able to wiggle my ears, I just think its funny lol Can you wiggle your ears?


I am fluent in Spanish. Spanish is my first language, I didn't learn proper English until I was in 4th grade. People often say that I have a minor accent. I definitely do not hear it, but I can see why people catch it. So if you have any questions + you are more comfortable speaking in Spanish, no worries I am more than happy to assist you.
*Si necesitas ayuda en espaƱol por favor dime y te puedo ayudar*


I love to binge watch shows. It does not matter if I have seen this show 3 times before. I will go through all the seasons + still gasp, yell + cry like if it's the first time I have watched the show. I will forever love Friends, One Tree Hill, The Originals, The Office, Pretty Little Liars, + anything else on Netflix or Disney+ lol


My all time favorite movie is The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan Version). I can watch this movie over + over + still laugh at it. It's super cheesy, but that's why I love it. I think the reason I love it is because this was the first movie I ever own in English. It was a huge deal in my house since Spanish is my first language. Also I was suppose to be a twin (It was a vanishing twin), so I just thought it was the coolest watching a movie about twins lol


Random Facts about
Your Photographer

I turn this.....

...into this!!




meaning behind my logo...

I'm known to change my logo pretty often, my work has also evolved a lot. I was never fully in love with what I had up until now. After many ideas, I feel like this branding update is a perfect match.

I love to interpret dreams quite often. I'm also a huge night owl when it comes to my business. You will find me working late nights perfecting my work.

This blend of dreams + night lead me to connect moons + stars with my logo. I also love floral decor, so I added a little splash of that as well.